2008 Banquet Summary

Saturday, February 2, 2008 Banquet

The annual banquet was another great success.  As is tradition, the banquet was held on the Saturday of super bowl weekend, February 2, 2008.  We had 71 of our 75 members in attendance, as well as 25 guests and sponsors.

As usual, the food was incredible, thanks to chef Steve Johnson. We had a variety of venison, moose, elk, turkey, rabbit and alligator.  We also managed to take care of 4 — ½ barrels of Bud Light.

We had another great year of generous sponsor donations and door prizes.  The Mathews Outback was won by David Liebenthal, and the Beer/Booze/Cooler raffle was won by Fran Killian.  We also raffled off $2,353 in cash prizes.  Those winners were: Fran Killian ($353), Todd Schmidt ($400), Gary Powley ($400), Mike Housner ($400), and Kris Hellenbrand won twice ($800).  The Honda powerwasher, donated by Beaver Tree (Jeff Schemm) was won by Jerry Harvey.

Winning buck entries went to 1st place winner Scott Johnson, 2nd place Kevin Reis, 3rd place Todd Brumm, 4th place Tommy Kempfer, 5th place Danny Hellenbrand, 6th place Jerry Harvey, and 7th place Chris Patterson.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that the dues for next year are due by August 1st, otherwise your membership is forfeited to a new member.  Also remember that guest spots for the 2009 banquet are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis, for $25 each, paid at the door.  If you are interested in reserving a guest spot, please contact Gary Merkes at (608) 837-7813 or gary@arrowsandantlers.com, or contact Tom Kempfer at (920) 723-2140 or tom@arrowsandantlers.com as soon as possible.   -Thank you!

Picture of the crowd. More of the crowd.

Some of the guys. Calling off the winning numbers.