The Young Man Scores Big!

Congratulations to Mason Kempfer (son of Tommy Kempfer, grandson of Gary Merkes) for harvesting his largest buck ever on the evening of opening day!  His patience and poise allowed him to seal the deal on the dandy buck!

Gary cashes in his Bear Tag!

After 12 years of waiting for a Bear tag, Gary Merkes was able to fill his tag during the opening week of bear (baiting) season, scoring some delicious meat for the upcoming Arrows & Antlers banquet!  Congrats Prez!


The 2023 bow season is upon us, and premium scouting has never been more helpful in preparation for the big hunt!  The above photos were taken and delivered by Spartan cellular cameras, powered by UScellular service.  If you want to know where the big bucks are, get notified instantly with UScellular and Spartan!  Reach out to Tommy K for details!
**Don’t forget to ask about the Arrows & Antlers discount**