2017 Banquet Summary

Saturday, February 4, 2017 Banquet

The annual Arrows & Antlers banquet was another great success.  This was our third year at Savanna Oaks in Fall River, WI.  With roughly 140 people in attendance, we had a record year for our annual celebration.

Once again, the spread of wild game was phenomenal, thanks to Gary Merkes and chef Steve Johnson. This year’s menu featured a variety of venison, elk, bear, turkey, pheasant, and other assorted fish – and we washed it all down with 5 – ½ barrels of beer.  A special thanks also goes out to Dennis McDonald for all of his assistance in making the event a success!

We had another great year of generous sponsor donations and door prizes.  The Jacobson’s donated a free Arrows & Antlers membership, won by Randy Vant Hoff – and Steve Will donated a pair of free A&A Memberships, won by Shane Marquardt and Brad Gregorio.  We raffled off our first crossbow this year, a Mission Crossbow complete set, was won by Denny Havey. The beer/booze/cooler raffle was won by Jeff Olson.  Arrows & Antlers also purchased a Mission Riot Bow for a secret final raffle, which we elected to hold until next year!

We also raffled off $6,000 in cash prizes, given away as 12-$500 prizes – those winners were: Andy Jesberger, Gary Powley, Dan Hanson, Mike Stader, Dan Otto, Mark Cuff, Greg Pavlik, Steve Steiner, Chris Patterson, Jeff Walters, Randy Holguin, and Scott Johnson.


We had a record 14 bucks officially entered into the contest this year, and the results were: 1st place – Adam Gross (140 2/8), 2nd place – Shane Marquardt (139 2/8), 3rd place – John Gross (135 5/8), 4th place – Mike Stader (135 2/8), 5th place – Jerry Crook (131 4/8), 6th place – Greg Schweppe (130 4/8), 7th place – Todd Brumm (129 1/8), 8th place – Tommy Kempfer (122 4/8), 9th place – Danny Hellenbrand (118 7/8), 10th place – Steve Steiner (117 7/8), 11th place – David Benrud (114 6/8), 12th place – Joe Steinhofer (110 4/8), 13th place – Nick Gross (107 7/8), 14th place – Shawn Arnold (104).

The membership fee for the upcoming season remained at $35, and the majority of our members paid their dues for the 2017 season – for those who didn’t, your $35 is due by August 1st, otherwise your membership is forfeited to a new member.  The waiting list is ever-growing, so please get your dues paid as soon as possible.  Thank you to all of those members that paid for next year at the banquet.  Also remember that guest spots for the 2017 banquet are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis, for $25 each, paid at the door.  If you are interested in reserving a guest spot, please send an email to contactus@arrowsandantlers.com.

Thank you very much to all the members and sponsors who help make our annual banquet as anticipated and exciting as it is each year.  We look forward to another great year of hunting and fellowship!

2016 Buck Entries

From left to right: Front Row – John Gross (3rd), Steve Steiner (10th), Shane Marquardt (2nd), Adam Gross (1st),  Second Row – Mike Stader (4th), Joe Steinhofer (12th), Todd Brumm (7th), Jerry Crook (5th), Danny Hellenbrand (9th),  Back Row – David Benrud (11th), Nick Gross (13th), Shawn Arnold (14th), Tommy Kempfer (8th), Greg Schweppe (6th).

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