About Us

Welcome to Arrows & Antlers! We started out back in the late 80’s as just a few bow hunters looking for bragging rights among ourselves, to see who could get the biggest buck during the bow season. We are strictly fair chase bow hunters. However we couldn’t resist putting a small $25 wager on who would get the biggest buck, winner take all, of course! Well, one thing led to another and every year a few more friends wanted in. Now, 30+ years later, we have 100 members (with a waiting list of 50+), an annual banquet with door prizes, multiple sponsors, and a great night with plenty of gourmet wild game, all prepared by chef Steve Johnson. Oh, and we enjoy a few cocktails while bragging about our great season in the woods. Or we sit around explaining how we had equipment problems and that’s why we didn’t get that first place buck! You get the idea. All in all, we’re a group of guys who enjoy the hunt, and we enjoy celebrating and sharing the memories with each other. In closing, I would like to thank all the fellow members for making Arrows & Antlers a success. And as always, happy hunting!!!!
-Gary Merkes, President


1.      Annual membership fee is $35.

2.      Renewing members are expected to pay their membership fee at the Annual Banquet, but must be paid by August 1st to maintain their membership. After that, the membership spot is opened to the next person on the waiting list. All other entry fee deadlines are September 10th.

3.      The membership fee is used to purchase membership door prizes. All membership door prizes will be given away during the party. You must be present to win a door prize. All club members at the party will have a chance at winning these door prizes.

4.      Sponsorship prizes will be raffled off for $5 per ticket (or 5 for $20) and approximately 75% of the money collected will be given away as the grand prize(s).

5.      To qualify for the Big Buck Contest, the buck must be harvested with a bow (traditional or crossbow) in Wisconsin and must be properly registered according to WI DNR regulations.  Only the person who harvested the buck may enter it into the contest and must be a paid member for the given year.  Each member is allowed only 1 buck entry per season.

6.      To enter a buck in the contest you must contact Gary Merkes (608-438-3786) or Tommy Kempfer (920-723-2140) within 24 hours of the kill.  If a buck is shot and cannot be found, he must still notify Gary or Tommy within the 24-hour period but will have a 3-day grace period to find and enter his buck.

7.      Winning buck entries: To receive prize money, you (or a representative) must be present at the club party with your antlers for official measurement.  Failure to bring antlers to the banquet will result in disqualification from that year’s Big Buck Contest.

8.      The Big Buck Contest begins on the opening day of the Wisconsin Bow Season and ends on the final day of the statewide Wisconsin Bow Season for the given year. 

9.      The Annual Banquet takes place on the Saturday night before Super Bowl Sunday. If you cannot attend the party you may send someone in your place. (He/she will receive your membership door prize ticket).

10.     The Annual Banquet is at Savanna Oaks in Fall River, WI and starts at 5:00pm. Food will be served from 6pm — 7pm. Door prizes will be given away starting at 7:00. The club will buy only the first five half barrels of beer.

11.    Non-member guests may attend the Banquet for $25, paid at the door. There will be 40 guest spots available each year, filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. (money collected from guests will be put towards next years contest expenses and door prizes.) Members are only allowed one guest, until guest list is filled.  If there are still open guest spots on January 25th, they will be opened up to anyone.

(scoring is gross P&Y, no deductions)

1st   PLACE                  $500

2nd  PLACE                  $300

3rd   PLACE                  $150

4th  PLACE                  $100

5th  PLACE                   $35

6th  PLACE                   $35

7th  PLACE                   $35

 **If any of the places are not filled, the award money will be given away as door prizes!**


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