20 bucks are in – can anyone register a Blackjack buck!?

Check out the Photos page for all the entries, along with more details!



Staggin’ ’em!


A BIG Congrats to Dan Hanson for making it count, twice, on a Poland Red Stag hunt!




Bear’in Down


Congrats to Shawn Arnold for harvesting an awesome 200lb Black Bear in Osseo, and Randy Messer for bagging this dandy 190lb Black Bear near Ashland – what a great start to the hunting season!




Check out this Colorado 5×6

Congrats to Zach Hampton for zipping an arrow into this monster Colorado Elk – way to go!




A picture is worth…


Got your trail cameras out?  If you have any exciting photos, please send them to pictures@arrowsandantlers.com!